Young Voters

Join a diverse group by age (18-29), gender, ethnicity/race, and education type. Set direction and policy for Energizing Young Voters and make a difference in your community!

Meet the Advisory Board

Agnes Roche

Anges's Bio

My name is Agnes, I’m a college Freshman from the NJ/NY area and I am a part of EYV because I believe civic engagement is a driving force for equity and opportunity.

Anges's Video

Dayra Mejia-Reyes

Dayra's Bio

My name is Dayra Mejia-Reyes, a junior at Trinity Hall in Tinton Falls, New Jersey. The reason I am part of EYV is because I believe that in order to create progressive change in our nation, all voices must be taken into account.

Dayra's video

Akila Saravanan

Akila's Bio

Hi! I’m Akila, an undergrad at MIT, originally from NJ. I became a part of EYV because I know how much of an impact young voices can make in society by fighting for the greater good. It is integral to convince others to join and I want to be part of this effort.

Akila's video

Eeshan Khurana

Eeshan's Bio

My name is Eeshan Khurana, I am currently a senior at Biotechnology High School in Freehold NJ. I am involved in EYV because I want to mobilize the younger generation to take responsibility for their futures.

eeshan's Video

Daniel Wrocherinsky

Daniel's Bio

Hi, I’m Daniel Wrocherinsky, a Vanderbilt University junior focusing on health policy, born and raised in NYC. I’m in Energizing Young Voters to help realize our nation’s potential of equity of opportunity through improving civics education and engagement.

Daniel's video

Jordan Lucas

Jordan's Bio

Hello, my name is Jordan Lucas. I’m a senior at Neptune High School in Neptune, NJ. I wanted to be involved with another organization that addresses important issues of today. Voting rights are huge right now. I never thought in my lifetime that I would witness such archaic ideologies surrounding voter suppression. 

I want to be on this advisory board to speak out against ignorance and to educate people my age and beyond about the importance of making their vote count in order to select leaders who share their ideas and support their interests.

Jordan's video

Jazmyn Davies

Jazmyn's Bio

My name is Jazmyn and I am a sophomore in college from the Nj area. I chose to join EYV because I am a strong believer of one voice can make a change. I want to be able to move people by helping them understand that if we all come together as one, the world can benefit in tremendous ways.

Jazmyn's video

Energizing Young Voters for 18-29 year olds

Leadership & service opportunities

Youth Advisory Board- Become a decision making member!

  • Join a diverse group by age (18-29), gender, ethnicity/race, and education type and set direction and policy for Energizing Young Voters

Internships – Are you a community or 4-year college student interested in civics?

  • Explore semester length internships allowing you to engage in research, review curriculum materials, and assist with administrative duties

Service Points – Are you an Honor Society member, in ROTC or a community organization in need of service points?

  • Become a volunteer (high school age and up) and present programs to local schools and community organizations, monitor and promote our social media presence, help reach candidates for the LWV VOTE411 website

Presentation Partners – Do you love to teach?

Join us in working with young people in schools and community groups

  • Student Advocate Toolkit – help others register online and vote using Vote by Mail ballots
  • Register Voters – Coordinate in-person high school, college, and community voter registration events; help citizens register online
  • Fighting for the Vote —Motivate and equip young people with the skills needed to create a new generation of life-long voters
  • Fighting for Change – Motivate and equip young people to defend democracy with skills for active civic participation beyond voting
  • Run for Office – Do you want to be an elected official?
    • Running and Winning is a high school program to motivate and help prepare students to run for office at some point in their lives
    • Older than high school? – We’ll connect you with programs that will help you get ready to serve


Here are some organizations that might be useful for young voters


  • TEXT helpline 732-927-1131 immediate voting help
  • for info on all things voting in the USA
  • Project555

LOOKING FOR CIVICS/VOTING PROJECTS OR GAMES? – exhaustive collection of teacher-designed MATERIALS for all grades & topics

NJ Center for Civic Education programs/competitions:

  • We the People – Get inside the US Constitution and see how it affects your world
  • Project Citizen – Want to change something in your school or town?

Mock Election (Rutgers, New Brunswick) – learn about current issues on the ballot, candidates running, or get your school involved

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